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Stress relief acupuncture has been used in China for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognized that ones mental health has a great influence on the physical health. Stress is something that affects many parts of our body, the ability to sleep, pain conditions, and blood pressure. Stress can also aggravate an already troublesome health condition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine pays great attention to regulating people’s emotions when treating diseases. Stress relief acupuncture is a common method of Chinese medicine that treats various conditions, and can be accompanied with other treatments to enhance their effects. When a person is in a good state of mind, the treatment results can see significant improvement. For example, after acupuncture relieves anxiety and stress, the treatment of insomnia and hair loss will be more effective. Because a relaxed mood helps the flow of Qi, and anxiety hinders the flow of Qi.

The Effect of Emotions

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that we as human have seven main emotions; they are happiness, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, shock. When various emotions are at an appropriate level, they have no effect on physical health. When an emotion is too strong, it will interrupt the smooth flow of energy throughout the body and affect the body’s function.

According to Chinese medical theory, energy flows through our body through a network of “roads”, almost like a highway system. Stress, anger, or any intense emotion acts like a traffic jam, blocking the free flow of energy in the body. For example, many people who are very stressed out complain of upper back, shoulder and neck pain. This is because stress is causing tension in those areas, blocking the free flow of energy, causing pain, tightness, and often leading to headaches.

Famous Chinese physician Sun Simiao pointed out that maintaining emotional peace is an important factor in longevity. Therefore, stress relief acupuncture has been widely used in China since ancient times.

The Effect of Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that each emotion is related to a certain organ. Each organ is connected to a certain meridian. A strong emotion can impair the function of related organ and cause blockage of the meridian connected to this organ.

Acupuncture treatment can dredge the meridians and make the flow of Qi smooth. The unobstructed flow of Qi will restore the function of organs and ease strong emotions.

Through stress relief acupuncture, theses energy blockages can be addressed. Acupuncture points serve as the on and off ramps to the energy highway, and can help energy flow smoothly, and alleviate not only the symptoms of stress and anxiety, but the source of stress and anxiety itself.

From a Western viewpoint, acupuncture works to alleviate stress by releasing natural pain-killing chemicals in the brain, called endorphins. In addition, acupuncture improves circulation of blood throughout the body, which oxygenates the tissues and cycles out cortisol and other waste chemicals. The calming nature of acupuncture also decreases heart rate, lowers blood pressure and relaxes the muscles.

Clinical Stress Relief Acupuncture 

Our acupuncturist at Master Acupuncture Healing Centre has over 25 years of experience in acupuncture treatment to relieve anxiety and stress. According to the experience of acupuncturist in our clinic, treating depression, anxiety and stress in addition to dredging the blocked meridians must also regulate the meridians that have a mother-child relationship with these meridian. Because a meridian is blocked, its mother and child meridians will also be affected. Regulating the mother and child meridians can speed up the dredging of the blocked meridian.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that human body has twelve main meridians. Each meridian has a mother meridian and a child meridian. When our acupuncturist use acupuncture to treat depression, anxiety and stress, the Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis method is used to determine which meridian is blocked. Then our acupuncturist use Five Elements Theory of Chinese medicine to determine the mother and child meridians of this meridian. This method of diagnosis and treatment greatly improves the effect of stress relief acupuncture treatment.

After the stress relief acupuncture treatment in our clinic, many patients reported that not only mental stress relieved, but the physical pain has been relieved, and the quality of sleep has improved. Let us use acupuncture to provide natural care for your health.

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