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Hair loss–Chinese medicine theory

Hair loss affects more and more people in today’s society. Chinese medicine believes that the root cause of hair loss is insufficient nourishment of the hair due to insufficient Qi and blood.

Chinese medicine believes that hair loss is related to the Qi and blood of the liver, kidney, and spleen in the five internal organs of Chinese medicine. Hair is the glory of blood. Without blood filling, the hair cannot be nourished. The spleen controls the transformation, turning food into vital substances such as Qi and blood. The liver sores blood and is responsible for the distribution of Qi, when the liver’s function of Qi distribution is abnormal, the blood can not nourish the skin with the Qi, causing the pores to become loose and hair loss.

Hair loss treatment–Our clinic approach

Our clinic combines acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to treat hair loss. Acupuncture can help for hair loss because it has effect on the circulatory system. The head receives less blood flow, and when acupuncture is done, it will enhance the blood flow, and enable the hair follicles to feed on the nutrients so that the hair will grow and it will look healthy.

Chinese herbal medicine focuses on the release of body energy(Qi) to the scalp and blood circulation. When Qi flow is blocked, it reduces the rate of blood circulation to the scalp and hence, the hair follicles are not well supplied with necessary nutrients to inhibit growing of hair.

Chinese medicine helps for Qi release and better flow of blood to the scalp. Thus, the hair follicle roots are enriched with necessary nutrients and supplement to enhance hair growth. As a result, the hair is nourished, grows faster, stronger and thicker.

It is important to know that, the process of growing hair is a gradual one, it takes time and consistency.

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