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Chinese acupuncture has been around for over 3000 years. This time-tested tradition has successfully treated countless ailments, including PMS and other womens’ health issues. Premenstrual syndrome is frequently characterized by chronic symptoms preceding the menstrual cycle. These symptoms include pain and discomfort, cramping, changes in the skin and the emotional state, and food cravings.

Is there anything I can do about it?

Common ways to remedy these symptoms are to remove stressors, exercise, eat a nutrient-rich diet, take vitamins, and cut back on caffeine intake. Unfortunately, these simple lifestyle changes are frequently not enough to relieve the discomforts experienced by those who suffer from chronic PMS.

How acupuncture works for PMS?

From a TCM perspective, a healthy period requires adequate blood volume and flow, assisted by qi or subtle energy. Liver, Spleen, Kidney organ and Chong channel energetics are involved in a woman’s period. For instance, Liver qi assists in the normal flow of blood and qi. If Liver qi stagnates from emotional stress, then blood cannot move adequately enough, usually causing pain a day or two before the period. If Liver-blood stagnates, then there will be pain during the period.

PMSBasically, acupuncture works to get blood and qi moving smoothly with the treatment of the Liver channel as its main focus as the Liver channel’s pathway passes through the genitalia and reproductive organs. If a woman is what Chinese medicine calls “blood deficient,” acupuncture can assist in the conversion of other body resources to form new blood. This is important because blood deficiency means that there is not enough blood for the blood to flow smoothly and evenly, causing dull or sharp pain.

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