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Clinical AcupunctureInitial appointment

Follow-up treatment
95 (60 mins)

80 (45-60 mins)
Cosmetic Acupuncture60 minutes100
Massage Therapy
(Swedish, Shiatsu)
60 minutes
30 minutes
90 + HST
65 + HST
Cupping30 minutes70
Moxibustion30 minutes70

Chinese Herbal Medicine

TCM Diagnosis & Herbal PrescriptionPriceTime
TCM treatment & Acupuncture Combo13575 minutes
TCM 1st appointment851 session
TCM treatment – Follow up501 session
Chinese Herbal Medicinevaries according to the condition
20 - 30 / day
herb 2

Affordable treatments in Mississauga by a skilled Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and a Registered Massage Therapist. Our clinic accept major credit cards. Fees are covered by most private health insurance plans.