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Irregular menstrual cycles are a source of frustration and worry for many women. Sometimes an otherwise healthy woman has menstrual cycles which are scattered all over the calendar. One month her period will be long, another month it will be short. Sometimes she may skip a period entirely. She may have light spotting a couple of times a month. Serious menstrual cramping may be involved.

Acupuncture and Menstrual Cycle

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine look at health a different way. All disease, including irregular menstrual cycles, comes from some form of functional imbalance. This makes sense to most people immediately. If the function of one or more systems in the body are insufficient, or are working overtime, true health will be elusive.

One can create functional balance only by first understanding what is out of balance. An acupuncturist will take time to understand exactly what is happening in the patient’s body. Only with a clear and correct understanding of the imbalance is there a hope to set things right and bring the body’s systems back into balance.

When an imbalance is occurring acupuncture provides a powerful way to set it right. Periods that are always too long can be shortened when the underlying imbalance is addressed. Cycles that are too short (say, 21 days long) can be lengthened when that imbalance is corrected. Heavy cramping during the menstrual period can be addressed in this way as well.

Through acupuncture the body can be given a clear signal that helps bring it back to homeostasis.

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