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Cosmetic acupuncture is a unique method of facial rejuvenation. In ancient China, acupuncturists used cosmetic acupuncture to serve the royal family. Since the Tang Dynasty, cosmetic acupuncture has become popular in the upper class of China.

Understand Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture — also known as acupuncture facial rejuvenation or an acupuncture face-lift — is built on the same foundation as acupuncture, using many of the same theories.

Due to its holistic nature, acupuncture focuses on the body as a whole and on the systems working together. In other words, if one part of the body isn’t working properly, it can affect other parts and cause imbalances.

Here is an example for skin care. A tree, when its leaves have been withered due to whatever reason, if you just try to coloring its leaves and want to make it look good, that way is not good. You have to water the root of tree to nourish, even re-generate, the leaves, and then, its leaves will maintain energy.

The same reasoning applies to skin care for human beings. Remember, healthy skin is nourished by Qi and blood which are produced from internal organs. So, the most important thing for skin care is to take care of your internal organs (root) and then you can have very good exterior (skin).

Our clinical approach 

At Master Acupuncture Healing Centre, we believe that to reflect beauty on the outside, you must be healthy on the inside. we believe beauty comes from a healthy body. When you come for cosmetic acupuncture in our Mississauga clinic, we will not just take care of your skin but also your overall health.

In the treatment of cosmetic acupuncture, our acupuncturist pays special attention to adjusting the functions of liver, spleen and kidney, which are very important for having good skin and complexion. When these three organs functions well, people’s mood is comfortable, Qi and blood are produced abundantly, and toxins are easily released out of the body.

The initial appointment includes a holistic consultations based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy, a customized treatment plan and first treatment also included. According to your condition, our experienced acupuncturist will choose the most effective points for you.

In our clinic, cosmetic acupuncture is not just use points on the face, but also use more important points on major meridians which provide vital energy to the face. The most important thing to beautify the face is to have enough Qi and blood in the internal organs to nourish the face. It is said to treat the root, not the surface.

Multiple therapies 

According to your specific conditions, cosmetic acupuncture treatment in our clinic will combine multiple therapies such as cuppingmoxibustion to achieve the best results with no extra cost. These natural therapies can calm your spirit, release negative emotions, reduce your stress, and benefit your mental health. We believe a relax mood will make you radiant and beautiful.

Visit our Mississauga Acupuncture Healing Centre to experience natural anti-aging cosmetic acupuncture.

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