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Pain relief acupuncture is the most effective treatment methods in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since acupuncture is an all natural  treatment method that is side-effect free, more and more people choose our pain relief acupuncture service to relieve pain instead of taking pain killer.

Pain relief acupuncture has been used in China for thousands of years. It can treat almost all kinds of pain and its pain relieving effect can see immediate results.

The Cause of Pain — Chinese Medicine Theory 

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that all parts of our human body are connected through meridians. If certain meridians is blocked and Qi can not flow smoothly in these meridians, pain will occur in the parts where these meridians pass.

There are many factors that cause the blockage of the meridians, some from outside body, some from inside body. External factors such as injuries, weather changes, etc. Internal factors such as stroke, stress, etc. These factors can cause blockage of one or several meridians.

If one meridian is blocked,  pain will occur in the part where this meridian passes. Therefore, pain often occurs in multiple locations. For example, sciatica is caused by  blockage of Bladder meridian. Since Bladder meridian passes through back, hip and legs, the patient will feel legs pain in addition to hip pain.

There is a proverb in Traditional Chinese Medicine ‘ If it is not smooth, it will hurt ‘.

Pain Relief Acupuncture — How it works

Pain relief acupuncture treatment is inserting very fine needles into specific points to clear the blocked meridians, smooth Qi and blood flow to relieve pain.

The most effective way to relieve pain with acupuncture is to resolves the rooted problem.

For example, if a person wears thin clothes in winter and stays outdoors for a long time, natural cold will enter his body and block some meridians and cause pain. At this time, if you only use acupuncture points on the painful area without use acupuncture points with warming effect to clear the cold in the body, the pain will not be completely relieved. Because the root cause of pain has not been resolved.

The famous acupuncture book “Zhen Jiu Dacheng (The great compendium of acupuncture and moxibustion)” points out that by inserting needles directly on problem areas (Ashi points), we can relieve the pain to some extent, but in many cases it is only a temporary relief. To relieve the pain more effectively, a highly skilled acupuncturist should know how to choose more critical acupuncture points to address the underlying hidden cause of pain.

These specific points are often located away from problem areas. They are usually located in the limbs of the human body.

If you imagine the human body as a tree, the limbs of the human body are the roots. The root of the tree is the most important part of the tree. It is the origin of the tree and provides nutrition to the tree.

The limbs are as important as roots. Many meridians originate from the limbs and transport Qi to other parts of the body from here. So many important points are located on the hands and feet.

When the cause of the pain is eliminated, the pain can be completely relieved and any further complications will be prevented. This acupuncture method is called classical acupuncture. Use classical acupuncture to relieve pain is one of the most popular pain relief acupuncture treatment method amongst Chinese hospitals.

Clinical Classical Pain Relief Acupuncture

At Master Acupuncture Healing Centre, our highly skilled acupuncturist offer classical acupuncture treatment for pain relief. This classical acupuncture method, which has been passed down in China for thousands of years, requiring at least 5 years of systematic training in Traditional Chinese Medicine to master.

Unlike Contemporary Medical Acupuncture to stimulate nerves, classical acupuncture works on the energy channels to clear the blockage. Classical acupuncture is an ancient treatment method that is natural and gentle which does not risk damaging our nerves and organs.  

Acupuncturist at our clinic has over 25 years experience using pain relief acupuncture to treat different kinds of pain. Through the passed 12 years, Master Acupuncture Healing Centre has used classical acupuncture to help thousands of patients to relieve pain and stress and regain quality of life.

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Common Pain Conditions treated by Acupuncture


Sciatica & Sciatic PainLower back pain
Trigeminal NeuralgiaHip pain
Headaches & MigrainesNeck pain
Tennis & Golfer’s ElbowKnee pain
Pulled HamstringShoulder pain
TendonitisFrozen shoulder
Carpal Tunnel SyndromeHand & Arm pain
Finger TinglingPlanter Fasciitis
Myofascial pain syndromeFibromyalgia
Leg CrampsTMJ
Sports InjuriesIBS