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Weight gain–Chinese Medicine Theory 

The knowledge of weight gain in Traditional Chinese Medicine has long been recorded, and the causes are mostly related to “dampness, phlegm, and Qi deficiency”. Chinese medicine believes that the root cause of weight gain is the imbalance of Yin and Yang. Traditional Chinese medicine can adjust the balance of Yin and Yang from the liver, spleen, kidney, heart, lung, and three-jiao meridian to achieve the goal of weight loss.

Weight loss–Chinese Medicine Treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach have the function of transporting and dissipating moisture in the body, and people with weak spleen and stomach can not transport the moisture in the body well, so it is easy to cause the body to gain weight. Therefore, Chinese medicine for weight loss generally applies some spleen-tonifying and dampening herbal medicine according to a person’s physique. If there are symptoms of Qi deficiency, some herbal medicines that have the effect of invigorating Qi are also used.

When the function of the spleen and stomach is improved, the function of transporting water and dampness is normal, then the excess moisture in the body will be well discharged from the body, and a good weight low effect will be achieved. The purpose of replenishing Qi is also to promote the transportation and transformation of moisture in the body.

Our clinical weight management approach  

In our clinic, weight loss treatment is combined with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine. With the help of acupuncture, it can dredge the meridians, harmonize Qi and blood, and balance the Yin and Yang of the viscera, so as to achieve the goal of the weight loss. At the same time, Chinese herbal medicine has no side effects and can also play a nourishing and health care effect.

By balancing your organ system, you support weight loss both physically and psychologically.

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