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Rhinitis acupuncture

The American Journal of Epidemiology recently published a study that showed that acupuncture can significantly relieve allergic rhinitis symptoms.

A recent study of 80 patients with chronic rhinitis concludes that acupuncture is an effective treatment therapy.
The acupuncture group had significantly better outcomes than either the control group or the sham acupuncture group. Each acupuncture session was 25 minutes and patients were given 16 acupuncture treatments at a rate of 2 per week. Results were tabulated after a three month follow-up. Both nasal symptoms and eye symptoms associated with chronic rhinitis improved significantly for the acupuncture group. Members of the acupuncture group were also able to reduce consumption of relief medication. The study concluded that acupuncture is “safe and effective” for the treatment of persistent allergic rhinitis (PAR).

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