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Acupuncture can reduce the cravings and lessen the withdrawal symptoms. Since the first month of quitting is probably the most difficult, the acupuncture program can ease you through this time. The treatments focus on any physical or emotional withdrawal symptoms that may arise, and also aid in relaxation.

Acupuncture is recommended especially where conventional therapies have already failed. Insertion of needles in various parts of the body aims to treat the condition in a more profound and emotional level. Acupuncture can relieve the physiological and psychological effects of addiction to smoking, through a more holistic way.

Smoking Cessation acupuncture

People who have opted for acupuncture to quit smoking reported that they no longer find cigarettes as tempting or as satisfying. On the contrary, smoking would leave an awful taste in their mouths, making them more decisive to stop their habit for once. Some people would even choose chewing gums, eating mints or lozenges to get rid of the terrible after taste.

Approximately 6-7 out of 10 smokers will successfully get rid of their habit after 8-10 weeks of once a week treatments. While others are unable to quit totally, these smokers will be able to cut down on their cigarette consumption quite significantly.

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