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Research shows that acupuncture has an antioxidant effect in the treatment of Parkinson’s. According to some studies by acupuncturists, Parkinson’s disease may be accompanied by an imbalance of energy along one or more meridians. The muscle stiffness, soreness, and imbalance of Parkinson’s may be alleviated by a series of treatments by encouraging the flow of energy or by addressing the tremors and the hardening of the muscles directly.

Acupuncture and Parkinsons

• While acupuncture is not a ‘cure’ for Parkinson’s Disease, it can help minimize many of the symptoms of PD.
• Clinical trials have shown that acupuncture may maintain dopamine levels by preventing inflammation.
• Acupuncture treatment is deeply relaxing, reducing the levels of stress which make symptoms worse.
• Supportive. Most people say how supported they feel through the process of acupuncture treatment.
• There no adverse effects. Acupuncture therapy is safe and well tolerated in people living with Parkinson’s disease.

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